Cut off your loose ends and embrace a whole new you. Expect big changes in length and volume. Everyone wants to feel light, bright, and bold. We’re talking major confidence, low maintenance cuts. 

Here are some of the most popular hairstyles you’ll be asking for in 2022.

Power bob

The classic bob is here to stay. Not only for the powerful executives and bosses but anyone looking to feel strong and chic. This cut reflects a nonchalant kind of confidence worn by Kim Kardashian herself. For those ready for a change that’s easy to grow out of. Ask for a blunt bob cut in one length. 

Layered bob

Enhance your bob with thin layers of various lengths. You’ve likely seen this TikTok posted by Nicole Scherzinger showing off her before-and-after look. Dramatic cuts add serious volume while creating texture and movement. Ask for a bob with a looser structure and shorter layers around the face to add definition to your face shape.

Bottleneck bangs

Dakota Johnson has become the queen of bottleneck bangs, styled as a grown-out fringe. This cut will immediately add dimension to your face, highlighting your cheekbones. The perfect solution to creating a chic, low-maintenance hairdo. Ask for the longest strands to follow the line of your cheekbone. 

Bixie cut

The 90’s bixie is back in all its glory. The mix between a bob and a pixie cut is so far the shortest style on-trend this year. By adding texture in a way that complements the mane’s natural growth pattern you create movement and density. This trend offers lots of versatility to make it your own.

What better time to be daring and lean into your healthiest hair yet. Even if it’s just twice a year – promise us you’ll invest in a good haircut above all styling products it’ll elevate every look. 

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