Kerastase Treatments at HumaniQ Salon

HumaniQ Salon uses only the finest, most sensuous hair care products available and ​Kérastase Paris ​products deliver results the stylist and their clients and can see and feel.  Since 1964, Kérastase’s philosophy has been to bring professional care for your hair. It’s time to bring this experience beyond our salons, powered by the knowledge of our stylists. Thanks to new science and technology developed over the last few years, there are numerous hair treatments that offer unique benefits to men and women alike. One of these technologies is known as the Kerastase treatment, and it has helped people all over the country (and the world) enjoy better hair days for months at a time. Here’s what you need to know about Kerastase treatments and whether they are right for you.

Who Should Get a Kerastase Treatment?

To put it simply, Kerastase treatments are ideal for anyone who has dry, damaged, and/or over-processed hair. This damage may be due to heat styling, relaxers or perms, coloring, or even something environmental like UV rays or pollution. Kerastase treatments were designed to help repair and restore the effects of this damage, and for many people, they can even help to prevent future damage.

In recent years, Kerastase has improved its product line a great deal, which allows your stylist to diagnose your individual hair challenges and come up with a treatment that would best suit your needs. In fact, Kerastase treatments can be customized in 20 different ways to ensure you get exactly what you need.

What Does a Kerastase Treatment Do?

The treatment offers several immediate benefits to your hair. It becomes more nutrient-rich and softer almost instantly, and the radiance of your color will truly shine. Kerastase can also reconstruct your hair and make it denser immediately, which will protect it from future damage and make it appear thicker and fuller than before. Many people experience 50% less breakage during brushing, simplified styling, more manageability, and better overall texture, as well.

What to Expect During a Kerastase Treatment

Kerastase treatments are not like perms or color sessions. In fact, many take just a few minutes to apply and can be done alongside any other service you choose without extending your appointment time. The solution containing the exact ingredients you need will go on, then five minutes later, it will be rinsed out. After a quick comb-through and a blow-dry, the results will be immediately noticeable, and your hair will be completely transformed. The best part is that the results of your treatment will last for up to 20 shampoos – an average of three months for most clients.

Continuing Kerastase at Home

To extend the life of your treatment, it is important that you follow the Kerastase regimen at home, too. Your stylist will advise you on which Kerastase products are best for you based on your individual needs. You may need a product that fights frizz, banishes breakage, or even moisturizes – or perhaps you need a combination of all of these. Following up at home with the right shampoos, conditioners, and products is the best way to get the most out of your treatment.

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HumaniQ Salon carries a wide range of Kerastase Products so you can keep your hair looking salon perfect at home every day!