Hairstylists know a lot about hiding gray hair. Honestly, we don’t want you to see our roots either, which is why we have tricks up our sleeves! As an experienced 25-year stylist in the industry, I’ve seen it all when it comes time for color touch-ups or new clients who need their locks styled differently than what was originally planned on paper.

Hairdressers are always running behind. We don’t have time to do our own hair because we’re usually booked solid and, at the end of the day, exhausted!

Gray hair is something that many of us wish to avoid, but that doesn’t mean it won’t grow back. Unless you’ve fully embraced the gray, you’ll need to come back for a root touch-up. Depending on your hair color and how fast it grows will determine your maintenance level. Many of our clients come every 2- 4 weeks. Sometimes, it just doesn’t happen, so we’re here to help you even when you can’t make it to the salon.  I’ll share my best tricks to  hide your gray hair roots in between appointments:

Change the Side Part of Your Hairline

One of the most simple is simply changing which side your part sits on, so go with less graying strands for now and see what feels better in terms of style or texture! You can also try rearranging other features like braids into a messy bun along a scarf – just play around until you find something that looks great ON YOU. You might be surprised at how much difference this little change will make.

Use of Scarf or Headband to Cover up Your Hairline

Grey hair is a common problem for many people, and the solution can range from simple solutions like cover-up scarves or headbands to more complicated methods. One of these easier ones involves tying your scarf around your belt loops so that it covers up any greys without looking bulky on top! You could also just wrap one side over certain parts of their own head/scarf while leaving another free in order to make things look interesting too!

Give Your Hair a Boost to Focus on Fullness

When you want to add some volume and definition to your hair, try using the following tricks: backcombing it with a comb or brush; velcro rollers which attach themselves onto roller bands like adhesion molecules seeking out their matching partners (and vice versa); heat-styling tools such as round bristle brushes designed specifically for this purpose – they come in different sizes depending on how much styling product one wants inside them!

It doesn’t matter if there are gray hairs underneath all those new shades of brown since we’ll just cover up what’s beneath by adding more tendrils around.

Use Root Cover Sprays

Any Temporary Root Concealer Spray is perfect for covering up any root problems you may have. It comes in various shades to match your hair color, so there’s sure to be one that matches!

To apply this product, Shake well before use.

Hold about 2-3 inches away from the surface while dispensing small amounts onto strands with steady strokes – making sure it gets evenly covered on every side.

Let dry for 2 minutes or so before styling as usual (maybe not exactly how we would want our real hairs done, but hey, everyone has their own preferences).

We hope these tips helped you hide your grays roots when the budget doesn’t allow for a visit to get them toned down. Do any other tricks come into mind?