What is Balayage?

One of the newest head turner styles today is balayage and we proudly offer it in our list of services at HumaniQ!  A balayage is the most requested hairstyle from salons, and stylists are putting their signature on it. But due to its newness, not many people know about this hairstyle.

Balayage means to paint in French. It allows for a sun-kissed natural-looking hair color similar to what nature provides us when we are children. Blondes have been dominating society since the 80s but with RibbONeal’s latest interpretation of this popular style, there will be no stopping you from being one step ahead!  Our modern lifestyles are full of distractions, and the time for decision-making is scarce. Balayage treatments can be done in as little as 30 minutes.

How can I get my kinky, textured hair to highlight?

Balayage works on all textures and in some ways curly or wavy tresses are easier because you’re able to pick out each curl that needs highlighting with balayage. The pre-lightener for this type of service (bleach) will depend on the look they’d like you to have at your end result; not just if there is any sort of inconsistency within one section.

What are some of the most popular types?

The New Yorker – Done in just 15 mins at the backwash, these are super quick highlights that fit easily into your lunch hour. They touch the root and look effortless for the perfect pick-me-up. As seen on Poppy Delevingne.

The Rio – Think contouring for the hair, ask for pieces to frame the face, around the parting and touching the root, this takes just 30 mins. As seen on Ana Beatriz Barros.

The Londoner – Nothing touches the root – it’s a creative Balayage for a cool, more lived-in look and takes 30 mins. As seen on Vanessa Kirby.

The LA – For blondes who want to be blonder, we add super blonde pieces in a combination of root touch around the face, and more lived-in everywhere else. Your stylist will lift the natural base to soften the natural colour and make it appear much blonder. This takes 45 mins. As seen on Michelle Williams.

The California – Done on Vanessa Kirby for her role in Mission Impossible. It’s the perfect summer blonde – a much heavier incarnation of classic Balayage with a slightly lived-in root and much more of the hair is colored. It can be tailored to any skin tone – anywhere from pale icier blondes, to golden shades can be used. It’s a gorgeous low-maintenance color to take you through the entire summer as it’ll start out heavy and then grow out into a lived-in finish so the upkeep is completely dependent on the wearer.

Come to HumaniQ for Expert Care!

Whether you go for highlights, balayage, or ombre, make sure that you are letting an expert do it for you. And if you are settling for an extension in the meantime, invest in quality extensions so that you can always have an instant styler for emergency occasions!