$5 shampoo won’t maintain a $150 hair color.

Based on the way hairdressers talk about professional products at the salon, you would probably think they receive a commission – until you start using them. They’re experts on diagnosing hair and deeply understand that the longevity of your hair color and texture relies on the quality of the products you use. HumaniQ’s color artists feel responsible to provide you with the knowledge and tools to properly care for your hair.


Ingredients cause damage

Drugstore and salon quality products differ in many more ways than just price. In reality, these low cost products will strip your hair of moisture, color and strength. High levels of alcohol, sulfate, silicone and water may be added for various marketing reasons. Adding ingredients like silicone may increase the shininess of your hair but at the same time strips the natural healthy oils protecting your hair and scalp. These imbalances manifest into damaged, dry and brittle hair.

Professional shampoos use milder cleansers and are ph balanced, which will

  • Gently cleanse your hair
  • Retain your skin’s normal ph
  • Help your color to last
  • Keep your hair & scalp in top notch health.

It’s essential to have hair products for you, not against you.

Too many products strip your hair of its natural oils or mimic the results you want to achieve without providing long term benefits. Although it’s tempting to fall for the fun bottles, popular brands and smelly scents ,finding the right products for your hair type will change your life.

Watered down products

Unfortunately, even the products that contain salon-worthy ingredients are highly ineffective when compared to their counterparts. Due to the fact that they’re often watered down, only a small amount of the essential ingredients are smothered with needless fillers.

You can always expect salon products to be highly concentrated. The oils, vitamins and minerals are actually strengthening your hair, saving you from damage treatments later on. Smaller quantities go a long way supplying you with more bang for your buck.

No Help from Stylists

Take advantage of the fact that your colorist is experienced and knowledgeable to which products are right for your specific hair condition. They will know which shampoo, conditioner and styling products are right for you based on texture, density and lifestyle to streamline your journey to desired results. Why take a guess at the supermarket and spend more money on items that won’t give you the results you need.

Feel good about the products you’re buying while supporting your local salon. Both your hair and colorist will thank you later.